First Queenspark & Colombo Street Bus Lanes Open

Posted on April 30, 2010 by


A few days ago (27th April to be exact) the first bus lanes on the Colombo Street (south) and Queenspark routes opened for business. It looks like the Council are going all out in trying to ensure drivers are aware of the operation of the bus lanes, with ‘moving billboards’ being towed up and down the busways themselves!

The bus lanes will be fully completed & open by mid May. There is no word on the status of other planned bus lanes, such as Riccarton Road, but funding cuts last year are a cause for concern. Lets hope the Council can sort out funding and at least make some progress. I’ll endeavour to find out more in the meantime.

Lastly, I apologise for the lack of updates this week. For one, there hasn’t been too much to report, and I have also had to combat a cold and a broken computer! I’m still writing the second part of my ‘improving Christchurch public transport’ post, so fingers crossed it will be up by next week, and if the computer gets fixed soon I’ll be right back into it.

~edit by marsoe: A report on the buslanes from CTV’s Today in Canterbury. Skip to 6:00 for the buslane segment