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Taxing employer-provided car parks

March 20, 2012 by


A recent NZTA report suggests that employers who provide free car parking for staff could be taxed. NZTA says that the availability of free car parking for employees undermines attempts to reduce congestion and increase the rate of use of public transport  in our three biggest cities (Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch). ”The availability of ‘free’ employer-provided parking […]

A sea of car parks taking shape

March 1, 2012 by


One of the best projects to come out of the earthquake mess is undoubtedly the Gap Filler project, which aims to temporarily fill the “gaps”, where buildings once resided, with art installations, activities, gardens and the like. I think it is a fantastic initiative, and deserving of much praise. It not only helps to break up […]

Should we pay for every car park?

February 20, 2012 by


Recent posts and comments have made me wonder how we might further encourage people to move from using their cars to using public transport. Sure, we can improve the quality of the public transport system, as that certainly has a bearing on patronage. Focusing on improving core services, introducing a rapid transit network, and other innovative ideas […]