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Progress on western corridor

March 28, 2012 by


Another stage of the western corridor “motorway” development gets underway this week. This will be the section between Carmen and Marshes Rd along State Highway 1, and will result in a four lane median divided arterial road. Some of the features include: Widening Masham and Carmen Roads to become a 4-laned road with a raised median between […]

Christchurch Southern Motorway

March 20, 2012 by


I had a bit of a poke around some of the works going on in relation to the Christchurch Southern Motorway this weekend, although I wasn’t able to get around all the sites I would have liked to. Driving along the motorway, the formation where the two additional lanes that will eventually carry southbound traffic, […]

CSM2 flyover

January 8, 2012 by


Here is an interesting animated video I found this weekend. It is an animated flyover from NZTA of the proposed four-laned section of SH1 from Rolleston to Templeton (MSRFL) and stage 2 of the Christchurch southern motorway (CSM2). It is interesting to note that MSRFL will essentially be a continuation of the motorway, with the only […]

Details of flyover delayed

December 14, 2011 by


I had noticed that the 5 December date for release of further details on the Western Corridor and the Alpine/Brasilia fusion Memorial Ave flyover had been and gone, so it is no surprise that NZTA have now made an announcement saying the date has been rescheduled. There is no indication of when that date might […]

Is this the new flyover?

November 24, 2011 by


The Press claimed to have grabbed a leaked image of the Memorial Ave flyover, that NZTA claims will be an iconic structure to welcome people into the city as they depart the airport.   It looks a bit 1960’s to me, but I will keep an open mind to it. It isn’t outrageously ugly and I […]

‘Iconic’ airport flyover planned

November 23, 2011 by


As part of the Western Corridor, that forms part of the “Christchurch Motorways” Roads of National Significance (RoNS), it is proposed that a flyover be built taking Russley Rd over Memorial Ave (Russley Rd forming part of the planned western corridor motorway/expressway hybrid thingy, and Memorial Ave being the main route between the city and the airport). […]

More RoNS for Christchurch – and not much else?

November 15, 2011 by


  There is no doubt in my mind that Christchurch does need some significant highway improvement, particularly given the growth in the north and south (and the Christchurch RoNS have strong BCRs). However, I have always been concerned at the lack of balance in transport funding earmarked for greater Christchurch, and have had cause for further […]