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Guest Post: Future of Christchurch Transport

February 15, 2012


This is a guest post from JJ Barnes ——- In general, Christchurch is an easy city to get around. I believe that this is the number one reason we have such low public transport and cycling numbers (less than 4% and 3% respectively in 2009/2010). In my experience, there are two main reasons public transport […]

Off the Buses: ECan’s response

May 27, 2011


Two days ago, bus patronage numbers came out for the post-quake months. Today, ECan commissioner Rex Williams outlined the situation from Metro’s perspective. Obviously, Metro’s resources have been pretty beaten up by the earthquake – the loss of the Exchange (plus all the passengers for the CBD), limited/no access to offices, broken roads, heavy congestion, […]

Share An Idea Expo (live blog)

May 14, 2011


LIVE BLOG: Because this is a major event, I assume most Chchers will visit, and there’ll be a fair bit of other coverage; I’m just going to blog about the Move section. I’m also blogging from the expo, as I wander through it. The first thing I noticed around the place was the quantity of […]

Sutton for CERA – good news for transport?

May 12, 2011


So the new head of CERA is Roger Sutton, CEO of power network Orion. He’s also pretty well known as a cyclist, forgoing a company car for his bike. There’s one story about him that I’ve heard a couple of times already: about the time Sutton reacted angrily when a car cut him off while […]

“Vision for Christchurch” meeting

April 20, 2011


The Greens, the only party to oppose CERA, hosted the first in a series of public meetings last night to present an alternative vision for Christchurch’s earthquake recovery – with the first focussing on the CBD. There was an impressive turnout, around 200 people, and amongst the crowd I spotted CCC councillors Chrissie Williams (chair […]

Online Metrocard topups here

April 18, 2011


Well, it was originally scheduled for July 2010, but Metro has finally announced via facebook that online topups will be available from Monday 18th. Better late than never, it will also give a list of previous transactions. I’m particularly pleased about this, I never use cash any more, and it will be great to have […]

Cyclelanes removed by Civil Defence

April 14, 2011


Via The Press, Civil Defence has been removing cyclelanes in order to “improve” traffic congestion. Immediately after the earthquake, I noticed that most people were travelling down my street in Riccarton by bike or on foot. By the end of that week, traffic congestion became massive however. There’s no argument here that congestion has been […]