April 26, 2012
April 22, 2012

Government response to rebuild plan

April 18, 2012


So today Gerry Brownlee announced the Government’s response to the draft Central City Plan. Overall, probably not as bad as it could have been, however, it did throw up a few things that didn’t surprise me in the least. Firstly, the plans for rail were called a “nice to have” and that, and other key […]

Final Central City Plan released tomorrow

April 17, 2012


Finally. It is what we have all been waiting for. Tomorrow, the government is set to reveal the final Central City Plan. Worryingly, the Mayor and Christchurch City Council, who wrote the orignal and final draft Plans, seem to have no idea what the new plan will be. Somehow, that does not surprise me in […]

Leadership needed to champion rebuild plan

April 16, 2012


Helen Lochhead, an expert on sustainable cities from Sydney University, has made a positive remark about the draft Central City Plan, saying that it hasĀ all the components you would expect in a sustainable city. A promising statement, and a positive endorsement of the direction this city has indicated that it wants to go. Lochhead, talking […]

Public consultation on one-way system changes

April 11, 2012


Some more news on the one-way system changes, taken from The Press website today: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is promising extensive public consultation before any move to change the city’s one-way system. A proposal in the draft central-city recovery plan to spend up to $91 million to revert Christchurch’s one-way streets to two-way traffic has […]

Google traffic

April 10, 2012


Something interesting to look at (which I noticed on the Auckland Transport Blog). Google have introduced traffic data for New Zealand cities, layered over the top of their maps. Below is a view of the greater Christchurch area, with the key explaining what means what. Seems to be flowing okay in the early afternoon. If […]

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