Express Bus Experience

Posted on April 24, 2010 by


This is a little random but I thought I would share my experience (and its a positive one!). The other morning I car pooled to Prebbleton with my partner, with the intention of catching the 81 from there to the city centre. Looking at my timetable I noticed that the express was due at about 08.04 so, having never caught an express bus in Christchurch before, I decided it would be fun to give it a try!

My thoughts on the experience? To put it simply, it was probably the most enjoyable bus ride I’ve ever had in Christchurch! The bus was relatively full by the time it got to Prebbleton, but I still found a seat. My fellow passengers were true commuters, looking like they were heading for office jobs in the CBD, a situation which is very rare to see on Christchurch public transport. From Prebbleton, not only was the bus no-stops it also used the less congested Blenheim Rd to get to town. There was no frustrating stop after stop, and we arrived inside the bus exchange in a little under 20 minutes.

Now not only was this a stress free, comfortable ride, but time wise it was comparable to taking the car. The question I have to ask is, can we have more of this please? There is only a couple of such services each day, boosting the express services can only be good surely?

Living out near Rolleston and having to deal with the dreadful 520, I can honestly say more regular express buses running through to the exchange would be a hit there as well. While on the 81 express I overheard someone commenting that they would use the service more often if there were more express services. I agree! I will talk a bit more about my opinion of express bus services when I continue my piece on improving the public transport system.