More suburban centre master plans

April 10, 2012



Last week the Christchurch City Council announced the approval for master plans to be developed for New Brighton and Edgeware. These plans, like those already underway for Lyttelton, “Linwood Village”, Selwyn Street, and Sydenham, will provide a kind of guide or framework which will help shape the rebuild and redevelopment of each centre. Special ‘case managers’ have […]

Government to take over?

April 5, 2012


Could the draft City Plan be under threat from central government? That is what is clearly implied if the accusations against Gerry Brownlee from Labour, and Christchurch East MP, Lianne Dalziel are to be believed. The accusation levelled on Brownlee by Dalziel is that the Government is considering taking control of the Central City rebuild. Despite the […]

PTOM, the LTP, and ECans “new network”

April 4, 2012



The other day Cabinet approved the new framework for urban bus and ferry services, otherwise known as the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM). The changes are a result of a review of the Public Transport Mangement Act 2008 (PTM), which was introduced by the Labour Government prior to the 2008 election. Many aspects of the PTM have been […]

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More on one-way system changes

March 30, 2012


Just a bit more news on the one-way system story from the other day. It looks like the bylaw proposal could be considered by councillors as soon as May. Interestingly, the proposed bylaw would amend the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2008, which would enable the city council to specify, amend or revoke, by resolution rather than […]

Retail, offices, apartments for Cashel Mall

March 29, 2012


An article in the Press today outlines what is in store for the next year along Cashel Mall. Promisingly, two big developments are already on the cards, and the container mall that popped up on the bare sites is getting ready to move. Already, a four-storey development is planned at 112 Cashel St, which will also […]

Progress on western corridor

March 28, 2012



Another stage of the western corridor “motorway” development gets underway this week. This will be the section between Carmen and Marshes Rd along State Highway 1, and will result in a four lane median divided arterial road. Some of the features include: Widening Masham and Carmen Roads to become a 4-laned road with a raised median between […]

Changes to one-way system cause controversy

March 28, 2012



Well, they don’t hang about for long on that draft City Plan. A positive sign that, as the Christchurch City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency look to implement a plan to turn the one-way system in the CBD to two-way next year. Montreal, Durham, Madras and Barbadoes streets (running north-south), and Salisbury, Kilmore, Lichfield and […]