Public consultation on one-way system changes

Posted on April 11, 2012 by


Some more news on the one-way system changes, taken from The Press website today:

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is promising extensive public consultation before any move to change the city’s one-way system.

A proposal in the draft central-city recovery plan to spend up to $91 million to revert Christchurch’s one-way streets to two-way traffic has sparked vigorous public debate in recent weeks.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee will decide whether the suggestion, raised at the Share An Idea event last year, should go ahead.

Parker said this afternoon that there would be no decision by the council “in the immediate future”.

“The council will not consider such a significant change as the removal of the one-way system without extensive research and public consultation,” he said.

Just shows what a silly media beat-up this was. Of course the Council would not simply rush through changes with no public consultation, and no public announcement of how they plan to deal with through traffic etc. This is how assumptions are made, wrong ends of sticks are grabbed, and knee-jerk reactions are jerked. In fact, the only thing they were doing was discussing changing a bylaw that would allow them to more easily make the changes should they be given the go ahead. All the coverage seemed to do was give the (false) impression that the Council wanted to remove the one-way system asap with no alternative plan in place to compensate. Cue mass hysteria.

Interesting comment about Gerry Brownlee. Surely this is alluding to Brownlee’s impending acceptance/rejection/both, of the draft City Plan, rather than his saying yes/no on individual things? I hope.