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Something interesting to look at (which I noticed on the Auckland Transport Blog). Google have introduced traffic data for New Zealand cities, layered over the top of their maps. Below is a view of the greater Christchurch area, with the key explaining what means what. Seems to be flowing okay in the early afternoon.

If we look a little closer, and focus on the Riccarton/CBD area we see a few clusters of “slow” traffic areas. The Riccarton area seems to be the worst, as well as Papanui Rd and Barrington St amongst others. This correlates well with what we know anyway.

Annnd, a little later on, the same(ish) area updated.  Bealy Ave and Fendalton Rd now standing out also. Interesting that the usual suspects in the bad traffic stakes are lighting up.

I have absolutely no idea where they source the data for this, but that it identifies slow traffic in well-known trouble spots (for example, Riccarton Rd) seems to indicate at least some sort of accuracy, although that only says so much I guess. Interesting. I wonder what makes it tick?

Just a quick update. The satellite view shows the yellow lines up a bit more.

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