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Perhaps Metro have been reading this blog? That would be nice, but nevertheless my complaints about the sub-standard Metro website seem to have been answered as Metro are now asking for public feedback on developing a new website. This involves taking part in a brief interactive questionnaire.

Help us develop a new Metro website

Metro are currently developing a new website with the aim to provide information in much easier ways to understand and read. At the moment we are working on the navigation of the new site and need your help testing it.

When you click on the link below you will be asked 10 questions and to find where that information is e.g you need to find some lost property where do find what happens to it? There are no right or wrong answers and your feedback will help us work out where we put information.

The link is

If you have any additional comments or feedback you would like to give us after completing the test please email us at Happy testing!

The exercise consists of what looks like the top row of the existing website, and you are asked 10 questions on how you would go about finding specific information on the website. It seems to me that they might be trying to find out how much information they need to provide for people to find what they want.

The first question in the exercise. You simply click where you think you would go to get the information.

I have suggested before that the site is simply too cluttered, with a lot of doubling-up on links. Simple is better. Nice to see things changing on this front. Good communication is essential when you want anything to work, and an informative, up-to-date, easy to use and access website is essential for a modern public transport system. It is about time something happened about the website, and although I know the last year has been difficult and there have been other priorities, I think it was something that should have been looked at a long time ago.

Anyway, give it a go and remember you can email specific feedback to Metro if you wish. I am tempted to start a campaign for them to get rid of the bus in the top right hand corner of the websites homepage. It looks naff.

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