A small matter

Posted on February 22, 2012 by


Given the events that occured a year ago today, I thought I would make my post for today short, and entirely trivial. Why? I am not really sure, it just seems somehow appropriate as I didn’t feel like doing anything too serious. So….

I have noticed that a new icon has been added on the Metro website home page:

The “network map” icon in the top right corner. It would be nice if they simplified the page a bit, as there are now three links to the network map on the page (the new icon, the link at the top, and the needless link amongst the rest on the left hand side). Pitty the nice new and in your face icon links to this dogs breakfast:

As I posted a few days ago, the Metro website keeps slowly changing for some reason, with new bits added here and there. Slowly it seems to be evolving, but never seems to get the tidy-up it needs. I also wish they would get rid of that damn orange bus.

I hope today is a day to remember the good and the bad, and to also look forward. I feel there is too much doom and gloom going on at the moment, as everywhere I look the media seems to have a lopsided focus on the negative aftermath of the earthquake. Sure, it sucked – big time. However, so much good has happened and a lot more is to come – I just wish there was a little more attention given to that part of it. I hope this blog has helped in that, showcasing some of the more exciting prospects on the horizon, and getting some good healthy, positive discussion and debate going. Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have a good one, and if you are on a bus in Christchurch, prepare for a two minute delay at 12.51pm.