CSM2 flyover

Posted on January 8, 2012 by


Here is an interesting animated video I found this weekend. It is an animated flyover from NZTA of the proposed four-laned section of SH1 from Rolleston to Templeton (MSRFL) and stage 2 of the Christchurch southern motorway (CSM2).

It is interesting to note that MSRFL will essentially be a continuation of the motorway, with the only real differences being that traffic isn’t as limited as on a motorway, and some local roads and adjoining properties will have direct access to SH1 (although they will be left hand turns only).

I have always found it interesting that there are only two interchanges along the entire length of MSRFL/CSM2, and this animation really puts that into perspective, although it is probably not such a bad thing (unless you access the motorway by accident!). The freight-only on-ramps where CSM2 joins CSM1 are quite interesting. I wonder how that will work? Is there anywhere else in NZ where this occurs? I certainly can’t think of any.

It would have been good to have a similar flyover of CSM1, to put the scale of the whole project into perspective. When all completed it will form more than 20km of continuous motorway/expressway – and remember, the Government currently has plans to add more RoNS “south of Christchurch” so it may yet get longer. No Auckland southern motorway yet, but getting there!