Bus patronage and revenue on the rise

Posted on December 20, 2011 by


Patronage and revenue on Metro bus services is tracking upwards and ahead of post-earthquake forcasts. Year-to-date, patronage is 191,239 trips up on the forecast and revenue $286,235 ahead.

Ecan believe that this has a lot to do with recent improvements such as Central Station, new routes, and the reintroduction of key cross-town routes. The reopening of Cashel Mall has also probably had an impact, as I imagine going by bus, particularly on weekends, would be quite a stress-free way of getting there.

Revenue recovery is currently at 35 percent (for November) which means that it is slowly moving back up to the 50 percent threshold put in plave by the NZ Transport Agency. This is promising, and it will be quite a milestone when it is reached.

I have said plenty of times that the first step is to get the public transport network back to, or close to, “normal”. I think we are not far off from that happening really, and the reopening of the core of the CBD in April coupled with a move further toward that 50 percent farebox recovery threshold should get us there. Well, as close as can be reasonable expected given the circumstances.


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