Sydenham gap filler project

Posted on December 6, 2011 by


Not really transport related (although it is urban development related), but I think the gap filler initiative is utterly brilliant and deserving of high praise. The latest initiative is a huge piece in Sydenham called I seem to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour. It is absolutely huge.

It is a timely reminder that art and culture has a significant part to play not just in the recovery of the Christchurch, but in any city that wants to be progressive and successful.

From the CCC website:

About Gap Filler:
Gap Filler is a creative urban regeneration initiative started in response to the September 4, 2010 Canterbury earthquake, and revised and expanded in light of the more destructive February 22, 2011 quake. It is now administered by the Gap Filler Charitable Trust.

Gap Filler aims to temporarily activate vacant sites within Christchurch with creative projects, to make for a more interesting, dynamic and vibrant city.

I think this initiative sets a great precedent going forward into the recovery, and ensures we should have a bit of culture and character in the future Christchurch, while making it vibrant and interesting in the meantime.