‘Iconic’ airport flyover planned

Posted on November 23, 2011 by


As part of the Western Corridor, that forms part of the “Christchurch Motorways” Roads of National Significance (RoNS), it is proposed that a flyover be built taking Russley Rd over Memorial Ave (Russley Rd forming part of the planned western corridor motorway/expressway hybrid thingy, and Memorial Ave being the main route between the city and the airport).

It now appears that the flyover will be built as some sort of iconic gateway, to welcome visitors and returnees alike. Quite what that means, or how it will look, does not appear to be clear right now but, nevertheless, it is an interesting notion. An article on Stuff had this rather interesting information:

The overpass will be a feature of the route into Christchurch for visitors from the airport and looms as a symbolic gateway to the city.

A proposed design for it was presented to local government and community leaders at an NZTA briefing on Christchurch roads of national significance projects this month.

The proposal was based on concepts from several leading Christchurch urban designers.

It was briefly shown to those attending, but not included in the accompanying handout, which featured a graphic of a more conventional overpass above the caption “as iconic gateway?”

There has been consultation on the overall project, but not on the design of the flyover itself. An announcement on the flyover is due to be made on 5 December.

I wonder, given the CCC will have had some involvement, if it has been future proofed in any way for the proposed light rail route? Just a thought.