Kiwis support greater public transport spending – poll

Posted on November 17, 2011 by


According to a Labour Party release, a Colmar Brunton poll shows 70 percent of New Zealanders support increased funding for public transport, while 78 percent of Aucklanders support more of the transport budget being spent on public transport. Food for thought. It is also good to see public transport starting to get a bit of support from the major parties.

Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford says: “Labour understands that quality public transport, like the Rail Link in Auckland, is critical to making our cities in particular more efficient, healthier and better to live in. We also understand that active transport options like cycling and walking must be made more convenient and viable.”

Will New Zealanders leave their cars for buses and trains? Some doubt it, but experience shows us that they will. Even minor improvements to Christchurch’s bus system (new buses, new routes, bus exchange, metrocard, real-time, etc) resulted in significant increases in patronage. The uptake of public transport usage in Auckland, with the northern busway and rail improvements, has simply been astounding. Build high quality public transport networks and they will use it.


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