Sydenham shows the way

Posted on October 2, 2011 by


The rejuvenation of Sydenham is underway as businesses and people flock to an area that was once devastated and practically written off following both big quakes. It seems the positives of Sydenham are its good location (Colombo St, close proximity to the CBD) and the future plans for the area under the Council’s city plan and suburban centres strategy. High end fashion, alternative and funky shops, and popular eateries seem to be the face of Sydenam’s new identity, and somehow I feel that is the way it always should have been for this suburb.

This really is a good news story, and shows to me that despite all the naysayers out there, who manage to attract metres of media columns, things can actually work out very well and within vision. I said months ago that Sydenham would be the litmus test for the CBD and so far it is all looking good (it doesn’t all have to be malls and Tower Junction to be successful). There is still a long way to go but this is without a doubt the best start possible for this place, which  for many years sat there with crumbling buildings just begging to taken advantage of and turned into a winner.

The attitude that now prevails in Sydenham is very positive and bodes well for the development and implementation of the local strategy. Also good to see that local business is starting to see the benefits of having a people-friendly area and not having it clogged up with cars. Good stuff.