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More bus services are getting back to normal. From ECan:

From this Monday, September 12, some bus services affected by the earthquakes will change or return to their previous routes. They include the 18 Huntsbury, 21 Ilam to Mt Pleasant, 40 Wainoni, 46 Marshland and 480 Kainga.

The 18 Huntsbury service (formerly known as 18 St Martins) will resume travelling up Huntsbury Ave. Once at the top, buses will turn around and come back down via the same route. The timetable will remain the same.

The 21 Ilam to Mt Pleasant service, more recently known as the 21 Ilam to Ferrymead, will return to travelling up Mt Pleasant via Major Hornbook Rd and terminate opposite Rockview Place. On trips back to the city it will loop around Madeley Rd, Mt Pleasant Rd and Belleview Tce turning back onto the same route it travelled up the hill via Major Hornbrook Rd.

The 40 Wainoni service will return to its previous route travelling back over the Wainoni Rd Bridge and down New Brighton Rd onto Seaview Rd. The timetable will remain the same.

The 46 Marshland will also return to its previous route down Briggs Rd and Emmett St. It will no longer use Hills Rd.

As Shirley Boys High School is returning to its Shirley site next week, the 480 Kainga service will have two timetable changes to accommodate the school hours for students using this service. The bus will now leave weekdays at 7.30am from Kainga and return at 3.00pm from Shirley Boys High School and the Palms Mall.

I think the first stage to improving things is getting the system back to as close to ‘normal’ as possible, so small things like this really go a long way. Getting a central hub back is a crucial move too, a worry then that progress on this has been so slow. I haven’t heard anymore details about it and there were rumblings not so long ago about concerns at the lack of progress. The multiple authorities approach to Christchurch public transport could be a factor (just my hunch though) or perhaps a lack of funds. It will be essential to have the temporary interchange to allow reintroduction of through bus routes. Don’t underestimate how important that will be, especially as given travel patterns right now and impending introduction of new routes it will be important to have a system that is fully connected. Hopefully the wait won’t be much longer.

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