Sumner to Lyttelton road to be consigned to history? Or just another media beat-up?

Posted on July 16, 2011 by


An article in The Press today suggests that it may be possible the Sumner to Lyttelton road may never reopen. Or rather, they managed to pull a quote from a Christchurch City Council transport operations manager on the future prospects of the road, of which there are many answers and possibilities. Doom and gloom, as always. Of course, there will be many issues to consider before reopening the road, such as the mentioned future concern of rocks falling onto the road from cliffs above,  and there will certainly be a lot of work to do. To suggest it might never reopen is a touch over-dramatic though, but when pushed I am sure the Council’s spokesperson could only say that there was a possibility of permanent closure, as everything is a possibility at this stage. It is such a shame that, once again, we have to have the focus on the negative rather than the fact that the spokesperson actually said it was possible to clear and repair the road, and later in the same article the Port Company expresses confidence in the future of the link.

At the end of the day, I have little doubt the road will be repaired but, like much else, it might take time and require some new thinking to ensure safety into the future. We just have to be a little patient.