48 hour challenge offers preview of future CBD

Posted on July 5, 2011 by


The recent 48 hour challenge, a part of the Share and Idea concept, saw teams put forward ideas for developing a number of central city sites. The idea was to provide inspiration for the Christchurch City Council and test the draft Central City Plan currently in development.

The idea which won was by the NZ  Wood Team who developed a concept for the Orion site on Gloucester Street. The different presentations are all currently available here. Some of the ideas are really cool, while others are a bit hit and miss. It certainly gives an indication of where we might be heading with the redevelopment of the CBD, and again the same themes are coming through – plenty of pedestrian, green and cycling spaces and lots of thought and ideas on improving public transport in some concepts. Certainly worth a check out, and while it is but a few vague ideas for now it is a nice sneak peek of what we might see emerge towards the end of the year with the Central City Plan.

Although I generally liked the look of the winning idea, I felt it lacked intimacy and was a little too open (and maybe a bit too ‘stale’), and wondered if such a design would actually be that vibrant. Perhaps I am wrong though. Have a look and you be the judge.