Central City Plan underway

Posted on June 28, 2011 by


All the ‘sharing of ideas’ has ended and, with 90,000 submissions, work is now underway on developing the draft Central City Plan utilising the ideas generated.

A run down of some of the ideas includes:

  • making the City Centre people focused and friendly
  • making it a place to live, work and play
  • greening of transport networks
  • priority for pedestrians
  • provision for better walkways, cycleways and public transport
A draft Plan will be written towards the end of July, and the document finalised for formal consultation on 22 August for one month. Mayor Bob Parker has made it clear that not all ideas can be implemented, and although that is to be expected I do hope that doesn’t mean we end up with a watered down final document just to appease central government. We are talking some big things here, like making Christchurch a world-class small city, a sustainable forward-thinking city and a competitive city. All of this is possible, but brave and bold decisions need to be made. We should take the best and most possible ideas and run with them.
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