Share An Idea Expo (live blog)

Posted on May 14, 2011 by


LIVE BLOG: Because this is a major event, I assume most Chchers will visit, and there’ll be a fair bit of other coverage; I’m just going to blog about the Move section. I’m also blogging from the expo, as I wander through it.

The first thing I noticed around the place was the quantity of trams. In the Move section, 7/10 photo panels had trams featured, mainly Melbourne trams. Buses somewhat less so. There’s also a lot of tram photos everywhere, Melbourne looks to be the main inspiration for the whole expo, and a lot if visual cues for medium density housing (3-5 storeys).

In the comments section, there’s a lot of “no buses” and “no cars”, but only two “no tram” signs. It’s hard to determine on the “Don’t want” panel which comments are misplaced.

In the positive comments, it’s mainly pro-rail, most bus comments are about lowering the price. And lots of pro-cycling, pro-cycleways comments. A lot of people want very limited traffic in the CBD.

Mini-interview with Bob Parker, talking about transport linkages. Didn’t record it (arrhh!) but the gist was that the ideas and outcomes for the central city will be plugged in to the rest of the city. Parker mentioned his enthusiasm for transport, particularly tram-trains, in order to build a healthy, sustainable city. He mentioned Riccarton as the likely first step to the tram-train vision.

Update with some blurry photos;