Sutton for CERA – good news for transport?

Posted on May 12, 2011 by


So the new head of CERA is Roger Sutton, CEO of power network Orion. He’s also pretty well known as a cyclist, forgoing a company car for his bike. There’s one story about him that I’ve heard a couple of times already:

about the time Sutton reacted angrily when a car cut him off while he was cycling, only for the woman driving to wind down her window and advise the power company chief executive to get a “real job” so he could afford a car.

The appointment has been widely (perhaps universally?) acclaimed , and rightly so. For us, the big question is what impact this’ll have on transport, and I think it continues the lean towards cycling. As I’ve said earlier, cycling is ideologically more favoured by government than buses or rail (but not as much as cars!), the council’s transport committee is pretty pro-cycling, and Christchurch is a pretty obvious cycling-suitable city. Hopefully Sutton will bring some of his own pro-cycling attitude to CERA, and his experience from EECA, to restrict Brownlee and Joyce’s road fetishes, and build a more efficient city.