Curse of the Christchurch monorail…

Posted on May 9, 2011 by


Trawling through the Stuff website today I came across an article related to the recent “Share an Idea” concept for helping to rebuild Christchurch. Interestingly, the article’s focus seems to be what I pointed out the other day, namely that a consistent call for a green, compact, modern and people-friendly central city has become apparent (this is something I have previously noted and commented upon as being prevalent in recent various media articles and opinions).

In addition, as I have indicated several times, the article pointed out that many people see a future city with less of a car focus and more of a public transport and active transport focus. This, I believe, was evident at the last local government election (before the quake happened, then everything obviously kinda changed) when, for the first time in a long long time, it appeared that transport became a major local political issue in Christchurch. I feel this will only be more so as we grow, and recover from the recent events.

Unfortunately, there had to be mention of a “monorail” (argh!), which really makes no sense: ” Many believe cars should be banned from the central business district, relying instead on cycleways, trams and, in some cases, buses. Some people favour a monorail, linking the central city to suburban hubs or Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

Sigh. Why “monorail”? That is not a term you want to see thrown around and let people latch on to! At least it is a positive attitude towards public transport, and a strong indication that the concept of rail based public transport is beginning to take a hold in Christchurch. Perhaps if over the last few years the mayor had delivered more of a vision of his light-rail idea’s people might jump behind such a solid concept rather than blindly saying they want to see a “monorail”. Perhaps I am just being a little too harsh though (it is something that just grates on my nerves after all). In the end, it’s really a good sign over-all to see this attitude developing.