Room for bus lanes during infrastructure rebuild?

Posted on May 3, 2011 by


Rebuilding Christchurch’s infrastructure is to begin following the sign-up of five big contractors (Fulton Hogan, Downer Construction, Fletcher Construction, McConnell Dowell and City Care) to repair the city’s water pipes, sewerage and road networks.

The bill is likely to come to about $3 billion and take up to five years. The alliance of contractors will be overseen by a board with representatives of the five contractors, Christchurch City Council, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) and the New Zealand Transport Agency and there may be financial incentive for contractors for fast high-quality work and penalties for poor performance.

It would be wonderful to see the Council taking some affirmative action and attempt to get things like bus lanes piggy backed onto the earthquake repair work along some key roads. This might save further work having to be done, and more money spent, in future and also has the spin-off of giving the city better public transport services a lot sooner, something needed in the post quake environment. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.