Future of Christchurch trams assured

Posted on April 25, 2011 by


Some good news. I have been worried for some time about the future of Christchurch’s tram operation as well as the under-construction (at the time of the earthquake) extension. Whatever the future may bring for Christchurch’s transport system, whether we extend the tram further, introduce tram-trains, or whatever, it is just good to know that there is an assurance that the trams will be back, and that everything will be back on… track (sorry).

The Christchurch Tramway will be repaired as soon as the CBD reopens, and the planned extensions will be finished (they weren’t actually that far away from finishing anyway). Beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess but brings us back to about where we were pre-quake anyway, and that’s got to be good news.

The extension will be completed once repairs have been made to get the original loop back up and running. All this will depend on when the CBD reopens, which will probably be about a year. What would be good would be to see the completed extensions fused with a rebuilding and rejuvenation programme for the areas it runs through, as I understand they were hit hard. I’m sure that something along those lines will probably happen.