Will CCC end up at war with CERA and Government?

Posted on April 13, 2011 by


The CERA bill has come under quite a bit of fire, with the Christchurch City Council angry at the short notice given about the select committee meeting in Christchurch.  Mayor Bob Parker still seems disbelievingly optimistic that it will work, saying that it is important “…that we get this [legislation] in place so we can move on.”

My hope is that the Government will curb some of the excessive powers CERA will be granted, and that the role of the Council in the whole process will be strengthened and more encompassing. Further to that, that Gerry Brownlee has his ‘Tsar like’ position weakened immensely. Personally, I feel he and the Mayor should have quite an equal standing in the whole process and both be held accountable as representatives of central and local government input respectively. Parker, as the elected Mayor of Christchurch pretty much is anyway, but Brownlee doesn’t seem to have much accountability here, and that is a worry (let alone what he has said in the media; hello dullsville)

Already, I feel this is going to be a big mess before it even gets off the ground. Whose head will roll if things go belly up depends on how the Government feel on the day, but a few months out from an election they would probably be mad to pull an Ecan-type rabbit out of the hat and sack the Council (though you never know with these people…). In anycase, so much for the justification of a need for progress to set up CERA. This could end up in quite a big cat fight.