Christchurch loses RWC games…. but life goes on

Posted on March 16, 2011 by


From Stuff:

Parker said the city was facing a ”long hard winter” and had been looking to a brighter spring, when the cup was to be held.

”From my heart I will probably always find this decision hard to accept or agree with at some level. This is an event which is bigger than Christchurch. It’s a business opportunity. It’s a tourism opportunity.

”I do worry about our businesses. I worry for the people who saw this event as some extra warmth at the end of that cold winter. If I was in their shoes I would find it hard to make any other decision.”

Enough said really. Dissapointing in the extreme, but if thats the way it is then thats the way it is. Perhaps, as some sort of compensation, the Government could give full backing for Christchurch to host a big event in future, perhaps something to aim at for the rebuild? In fact, I think that would be a terriffic idea and could be the kicker the city really needs. Commonwealth Games? An Expo? Remember Brisbane and Vancouver both had big expos in the 1980’s which really ignited those cities into becoming world class places and it would be such a positive thing for people for people and business to look forward to, and build toward.

I don’t much like rugby these days anyway… bring the city a Formula 1 event by 2015 I say!

(er, just in case, that was a joke).