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For the sake of it, here is the information about the current limited (and FREE) bus and ferry services being operated in Christchurch at the moment. Metro say there website may go down , so here it is:

Environment Canterbury will recommence limited services within Greater Christchurch from March 3 2011. Recommencement of services will serve two primary purposes:

  1. Increase accessibility to suburban shopping malls, workplaces, friends, doctors, support services etc
  2. Reduce the volume of private car use. Private car use has been significant since the 22 February 2011 earthquake and has led to considerable congestion on Christchurch roads.

Key Points

  • all services, both bus and ferry will be free for 2 weeks from the commencement date of 3 March 2011.
  • all bus services travelling to the city will terminate at either Bealey Ave (northern services) or Christchurch Hospital (western and southern services). The terminus in each location will have a campervan staffed by Environment Canterbury staff. These staff will provide information, issue, and reload cards as required. 
  • a regular shuttle will connect these two city terminus points at a frequency of 15 minutes.
  • all services will operate between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm daily 7 days a week until further notice. The last service each day will start its journey prior to 7:00 pm, but will travel on to complete its journey.


Services being operated:

The Diamond Harbour Ferry service is back to normal.

A limited service will operate on parts of the following routes. Please note that through routes (services that normally travel from one side of the city to the other via the central city) have been split in half.

Services unable to be operated:

No service will be provided on the following routes or parts of routes at this stage. We will continue to review the roads in these areas with a view to resuming services when possible.
3 Sumner
5 Southshore
7 Queenspark
10 Airport
10 Cashmere
14 Dyers Pass
15 Beckenham
18 Huntsbury
21 Mt Pleasant
23 Woolston
28 Lyttelton and Rapaki
29 Airport via Fendalton
35 Riccarton
35 Heathcote
40 Wainoni
45 North Shore
46 Marshland
51 Aranui
51 Tower Junction
77 Kennedys Bush
83 Burwood
84 Avondale
92 Rangiora via Woodend and Waikuku
480 Kainga
740 Governors Bay
913 Kaiapoi to Rangiora via Woodend and Waikuku

Terminus locations:

The Hospital (Parkside) terminus is located on Hagley Ave between St Asaph St and Riccarton Ave.
The Bealey Ave terminus is located at temporary stop locations on the south side of Bealey Ave between Durham St North and Montreal St.

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