Prestons decision due

Posted on February 3, 2011 by


A decision on the future of the proposed residential and commercial development at Prestons is due by the end of the month.

Prestons, consisting of up to 2500 houses to be built over 15 years, has been heavily criticised for its sprawling and autocentric nature and doesn’t appear to fit the vision agreed upon by the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy.

Without doubt, big changes will be necessary if Prestons is to fit into the UDS and this decision could have major effects in years to come as any decision  is likely to cause a precedent. Hopefully, serious changes are made and agreed to that allow the development to proceed more in line with the UDS or simply for it not to happen at all. Developments such as these need to really be well thought out in terms of where they are sited. You only have to look at Auckland’s south-eastern suburbs to see the negative effect (and expensive mess) these types of developments can lead to.

Lets hope the Council don’t allow the floodgates to be opened (or really, be re-opened) and they stand firm.