New Governors Bay bus service

Posted on December 26, 2010 by


I had been wondering what had happened to the proposed Governors Bay bus service for a while now. Perhaps I had missed something, but it wasn’t until I returned to Christchurch the other day, after a bit of an absence, that I noticed the latest Metro Map had a new 740 service between Cashmere and Governors Bay on it. 

If the Metro map is to be believed, the service will commence in January 2011. It will run along Dyers Pass Road and terminate at Cashmere Rd where it will connect with the 14, 10, Orbiter, and probably the 12 as well.

A bit of a shame that it won’t go all the way into the exchange, although maybe there are congestion issues there.  I have also often wondered about a fast ferry to Lyttelton instead, but that’s just me dreaming! Good to see this service coming to life.