CCC sets up new Transport Committee

Posted on December 8, 2010 by


The CCC has a new Transport Committee, chaired by Chrissie Williams, and with other councillors Tim Carter, Jimmy Chen, Barry Corbett, Aaron Keown and Sue Wells.

Williams had put bus and cycling networks as a key part of her re-election campaign, and along with Chen is a member of 2021, which had the campaign policy of “eco-friendly transport”. Corbett, Wells, and Carter can be placed in the ‘neutral’ camp; they share some interests in central city revitalisation and cycling. On the other hand, Keown wants to speed up progress on the Northern motorway, and has campaigned both before and after the election for more/cheaper parking in the central city.

The committee will be active from early 2011, and it will be interesting to see how they operate. I’m picking cycling in the city might get a much stronger focus, and there have been some rumours about better cycling networks and even public bikes, so it might well be the topic to watch for the rest of summer. On the bus front, I expect most members to be personally leaning against the underground exchange, which might cause some friction between them and the mayor.