Tram work fast-tracked

Posted on November 27, 2010 by


It’s good to see progress being made on the tram extension project, and its hard to believe that it won’t be too long before trams start trundling along the first stage.

Work is being fast-tracked across the intersection of Manchester and Lichfield Streets to improve local traffic movements for surrounding businesses.

Here is something interesting said about the tram extension project by the Council’s Unit Manager, Project Management, Christian Anderson:

“The tram extension project is a key part of the Council’s Central City Revitalisation Strategy, which aims to make the centre of Christchurch a more attractive place for residents, visitors and business. Extending the Central City tram route will bring more people to the Central City South and boost business in this part of town,”

and this from Central City Business Association Manager Paul Lonsdale:

“Central City businesses are very supportive of the tram project. It will be great to see the tram up and running, bringing more shoppers through City Mall and to the retail and hospitality precincts in the Central City South.”

Comments such as these do give me hope that this will not just be an extension of the existing tourist orientated operation but a move toward something a bit more… local. Certainly, I will be surprised (and disappointed) if there is not a fare shake-up before the first stage opens.