Oh dear….

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Oh dear indeed. The Press reports that 28 buses have been taken off the road in a police crackdown. I found it very hard to get my head around the Police stopping buses in the middle of their runs. professional attitude towards public transport? It does seem a little odd, surely there is a better way to do this?

As for the media take on it… you could be forgiven for thinking that this is not a temporary situation! Yes, it is newsworthy, but there is an air of “our bus services are falling apart, what a scandal” to all of this. Like I have said before, bus commuters in Christchurch should see some of the things that pass for buses in Wellington during peak (and they have not had an earthquake delaying new buses either). This is not a permanent situation. It would be nice to see a report outlining how and when services will return to normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem very likely.

Update 19/11 RNZ reports that the total number of buses has exceeded 60, though about half were allowed to complete their routes. The Police will be looking into prosecution, so this story probably has a way to go yet.

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