Metro website invites feedback

Posted on November 16, 2010 by


Now is your chance to have a say about the Metro website. It may seem trivial, but it is an important tool to inform the public about public transport services and make using the system easier.

Personally, while I feel there are many fine features on the Metro website, I just do not think they are presented well. To me, the website tends to have a kind of token feel to it, as if it is an afterthought. Obviously, this is not what is intended but I do think that a change of look and layout would not go amiss.

Perhaps looking at some similar websites might help some people to form ideas when giving feedback:

Metlink – Wellington

Maxx – Auckland

TransLink – Brisbane

I really like Metlink’s website. It looks nice and simple, and everything you need is laid out well. The Maxx website is worse than Metro to be honest. It feels like you have entered the wrong website. Heading over the Tasman, the Translink website I feel is quite good, simple yet very informative.

Looking at the Metro website again, it doesn’t need a lot done to it other than to make it look a bit more professional and make some of the more useful features a bit more prominent. Further, I would love to see some better maps! I think the network map is terrible and a schematic, like the Metlink one, would be much better.

So check it out and have your say. A bit trivial but it is a slightly important aspect of a good public transport system.

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