Old buses cause ‘outrage’

Posted on November 3, 2010 by


There has been some media attention regarding the quality of services taken over by Leopard and CBS recently.  Drivers being unfamiliar with new routes and the condition of temporary buses seem to be the main causes for concern.

As has been explained previously, temporary buses have been required by Leopard (not sure about CBS) to fulfil their new contracts as earthquake damage to the Designline factory in Rolleston has delayed new buses under construction. Obviously some of these temporary buses are not up to the standards we are used to.

There have been the usual comments of “I’m going back to the car” and so on but, to be honest, I think it is a reflection of the high standards of Christchurch’s bus services that people are so outraged by a few old buses. Some people should see some of the things that pass for buses in Wellington or Auckland at peak!

It is a worry some drivers seem a bit out of depth with the routes, but hopefully before long it will be all good. Still, I would have thought this should have all been sorted beforehand.

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