Selwyn Star is coming…

Posted on October 19, 2010 by


Details about the new Selwyn Star bus services have been released. As previously outlined, there will be three routes under the Selwyn Star banner, the 81 to Lincoln, 88 to Rolleston, and 820 Burnham-Lincoln shuttle from November 1. The new special South West fare zone will apply from that date also.

Although we have outlined many of the details previously, it is worth pointing out that the 88 will definitely be running down Johns Road and not State Highway 1 as the current 520 service does. Although this is not a disaster, it is certainly a slightly retrograde step. Johns Rd, to me at least, is in too poor condition and features too many intersections which will slow the service down. Nevertheless, the level of service does make up for that (but I still do not understand it!) and introduces an overall much improved level of service.

It looks as though there will be no direct Burnham-City services, which I think is a shame as I had hoped they would preserve a few peak-hour services. However, the 820 shuttle will provide good links with the 88 and will provide better links between the Selwyn centres.

All 88 services will run via Riccarton, which is unfortunate as I do feel there could be some advantage to introducing peak-hour express services via Blenheim Rd. Thankfully, the express service from Lincoln remains.

Also of interest is that 81 Lincoln services will run every 20 minutes Monday-Friday. I’m not too sure if this had been mentioned previously so it comes as a bit of a surprise to me (I’m too lazy to go back and look!).

Finally, I think it is good to post this quote from the Metro website:

From 1 November 2010, the Selwyn Star will be on the road with faster, more frequent bus services. With its own South West fare zone, the Selwyn Star offers great value travel into the city and around the district.

Due to the earthquake, locally-built Selwyn Star buses are not ready. Temporary buses with entry steps will service these routes. Expect to see your new, yellow, state-of-the-art buses with bike racks early next year.

Roll on 2011!