Parker leads race to be mayor

Posted on October 2, 2010 by


From the Press website:

A Press poll survey of 400 voters, conducted between September 24 and 29, showed that of those who had voted or planned to vote, Parker had 36 per cent support to Jim Anderton’s 20 per cent. Another 28 per cent had not decided, 16 per cent would not disclose and 1 per cent opted for Blair Anderson.

The poll results, with a margin of error of 5.3 per cent, echoed the trend of an online poll this week that showed Parker ahead by 55 per cent to Anderton’s 41 per cent.

A Press poll in August had Anderton ahead by 50 per cent to Parker’s 31 per cent of those who had made a choice.

Okay so not entirely transport related but, as we know where Parker and Anderton both stand on transport policy, it is of interest. If Parker does get re-elected it will be interesting to see what impact recent events might have on transport related issues and policy e.g. the interchange, rail plans, bus lanes etc. Do we get delays or does the Council decide to use this time as an opportunity to push for change? Somehow I feel it could go either way!  If Anderton bounces back, it will be even more interesting!

Due to the earthquake, its been a quiet last  few weeks for us on the transport front. I have also started a new job and moved which, while exciting, has kept me incredibly busy (not to mention I had no internet for a couple of weeks!). Hopefully, as everything gets back to normal, there will be some more news for us to look at and talk about especially with the Selwyn and Northern Star services and whatever happens post-election.