Transport not relevant?

Posted on August 30, 2010 by


Another bizarre article from the media today, regarding the key issues of the 2010 election for Christchurch mayor. The title of the article is ‘Parker’s policies lost on voters‘ and within the article it is explained that public transport is not regarded as a key issue.

Parker’s commitments to rates restraint and public transport were not regarded as the biggest issues of the election campaign.

Strangely, 87 per cent of people polled considered transport policy either ‘quite important’ or ‘very important’. Only slightly less than the issues the article perceives to be highly rated (performance of the council and water strategy both 91 per cent). I fail to see how that doesn’t make transport policy one of the biggest issues in the election and I find it very hard to see how transport policy could be ‘lost on voters’.

Strong financial management, a Christchurch water strategy and council performance were rated highly, with just over 90 per cent saying they were either “very important” or “quite important”.

The importance of transport policy (87 per cent), council rates rises (85 per cent) and the future of Environment Canterbury (83 per cent) were not quite as significant.

Personally, I think that such a high level of support for transport policy is simply amazing when you consider that a lot of it is in response to future projections rather than current experiences. I also fail to see how a vast majority of people supporting transport policy as a major election issue equates to it being ‘lost on voters’. In my mind a better title for this article could be: ‘strong support for all key issues in mayoralty race‘. Maybe.