Proposed changes to Northern Star services

Posted on August 18, 2010 by


Metro have announced proposed changes to the Northern Star and Kainga bus services. The changes are interesting, certainly an improvement of service overall and, as I predicted, the Kainga service will be brought into the Northern Star fold. Under the changes the 92 service and 912 and 913 shuttles will disappear, being replaced with new direct services to Christchurch. There will also be a Rangiora Loop service and an extension of the Kainga service to Kaiapoi while Pegasus now gets a public transport link. I will outline all the changes below, and in general I am pretty happy. My one major gripe is the loss of a direct Woodend to Rangiora link. However, I have confidence that this will be reintroduced in future as the population of the area grows. These changes are not final and feedback on them is still being sought before the new services are introduced in November.

Proposed changes to the Northern Star and Kainga bus services:

  • A new Rangiora Loop service will be created. This will run in one direction only (anti-clockwise) linking passengers to the 90 service and bringing people from the fringes into the town centre, linking a number of key destination on the way. The Loop service will begin and end at the Ashley St terminus of the 90 service.
  • The current 90 bus service linking Rangiora and Kaiapoi directly with Christchurch will remain but will now travel along Ohoka Rd and the Northern Motorway following requests for a quicker route. It will continue to run at a 30 minute off-peak frequency Monday-Saturday and hourly Sunday.
  • A new Kaiapoi to the Palms via Brooklands service will replace the existing 480 Kainga service. It will now run through Spencerville via Lower Styx Rd and will now run through to Kaiapoi, terminating on Charles St near the information centre. This service will run through western and eastern parts of Kaiapoi which currently do not have a bus service. It will have an hourly off-peak frequency Monday-Saturday, every two hours on Sundays.
  • Direct Christchurch to Woodend, Pegasus and Waikuku Beach services will replace the current 92 service and 912 and 913 shuttles. From Woodend, the service will split with half the services running to Waikuku Beach and half running to Pegasus. There will be a new route through Woodend to provide better access for residents to public transport. Services to Woodend would have an hourly off-peak frequency Monday-Sunday while services to each of Waikuku Beach and Pegasus will run every two hours. Eventually the Waikuku Beach and Pegasus routes will be combined into one when road upgrades are completed.

Map from Metro website.