New Transport Interchange (video)

Posted on August 10, 2010 by


$24 million has been spent so far on land for Christchurch’s new transport interchange, with negotiations still progressing on a final parcel of land. I notice the media can’t seem to put anything related towards public transport in CHristchurch in a positive light. Probably due to this years election, but I do have to wonder sometimes.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) would contribute $48m towards the underground transport interchange, with the council borrowing $71m over 30 years to fund its share. The NZTA would only fund its share of an above-ground facility.

Passenger numbers have grown 47 per cent in the past seven years with up to 19,000 people travelling by bus daily. That number is expected to rise 21 per cent this year.

Marryatt said one of the most compelling arguments for a new exchange was safety. “Currently, during peak hour, one bus crosses the footpath, in and out of the exchange, every nine seconds. By 2041, this will increase to one bus every five seconds.”

Here is a flyover of part of the planned new transport interchange. It’s not much, but in my mind its very… wow! I do hope this does not get scuttled. In my view it gives us a great base to start revolutionising our public transport from. If we cut it down, we will just find ourselves having to replace it again in another 15 years. Enjoy.