Changes to Metro Services

Posted on June 24, 2010 by


Announced some time, ago but coming into effect on 5 July, are changes to the following routes:

  • 7 Halswell
  • 40 Wainoni
  • 46 Shirley
  • 49 North Shore
  • 60 Parklands
  • 70 Queenspark

Which will now become:

  • 7 Halswell-Queenspark
  • 40 Wainoni
  • 45 North Shore
  • 46 Marshland
  • 60 Parklands

In addition to a change in operator there have been increases in service frequency while some routes have been extended (e.g. 46 Shirley/Marshland) and others completely changed (49/45 North Shore).

Perhaps the most obvious change in operations is the pairing of the Queenspark and Halswell routes, which continues a recent trend in Christchurch. I imagine such moves increase space availability at the City Exchange as buses don’t need to run through, stand, and then run back through again for a return journey. In any case, Christchurch must be getting some rather long bus routes now!

Check out the new timetables and route map at Metro.

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