South-West Bus Services

Posted on May 21, 2010 by


Following up on the recent news of the tender results for a number of south-west bus services, I thought it might be beneficial to provide this link. It gives a good outline on what changes we should expect to see, including the creation of the new ‘Selwyn Star’ service and the discontinuation of the 518 Lincoln-Hornby.

Its looking like Rolleston (520) services will remain largely as is, which is a shame. As I have outlined previously, I think it is essential to increase the frequency of this service, particularly off-peak, and run all services through to the exchange. My personal preference is to run selected services through to Burnham, much like some Northern Star services run via Woodend & Waikuku. The current forced transfer at Hornby is ridiculous and I imagine most people would either head to the CBD or transfer at Riccarton anyway. Hornby is also hardly the best place to be stuck waiting for a bus at night either (plenty of personal experience there!).

I’m unsure exactly how this ‘Selwyn Star’ service will pan out. I wonder what scope there is for such a service but guess we will have to wait and see. It will likely increase Rolleston-Hornby frequencies if this leg is retained when the service is implemented, but as I said I’d rather see a Rolleston-City service instead (at 30 min off-peak frequencies). I would have thought the later would be a higher priority than a Rolleston-Lincoln link but stranger things have happened.