Red Bus Loses Out in Latest Round of Tenders

Posted on May 13, 2010 by


The latest round of bus route tenders has resulted in some changes. Leopard and Christchurch bus services will take over the following routes from Red Bus.

Leopard Coachlines

  • Hornby-Southshore (5)
  • Rolleston-City (520?)
  • Lincoln-City (81)
  • Burnham-Rolleston-Lincoln (?)

Christchurch Bus Services

  • Tower Junction-Aranui (51)
  • Hei Hei-Burwood (83)
  • Russley-Avondale (84)

The Burnham-Rolleston-Lincoln route is obviously a new one, so it will be very interesting to find out more information on this. It looks like all the Selwyn routes are being tweaked with, hopefully doing away with the forced transfer at Hornby.

It is likely that jobs will be trimmed at Red Bus as a result of the loss of the five bus routes. However, it is also likely that most of those jobs will be picked up by the new operators. Questions have been raised by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker over whether the tender process is driven by price rather than quality of service, although Ecan has assured existing high standards will continue.