Anti-buslane campaign, Riccarton

Posted on May 4, 2010 by


I noticed a series of posters down Riccarton road on Friday, and went investigate today. Several shops have anti buslane posters (not chain stores or most restaurants), as well as roadside trees.

As far as I’m aware, there are no plans drawn up for what form the Riccarton buslanes will actually take, expect that Riccarton road is a target road, but one point of interest, the Sydenham shops anti-buslane campaign focussed on the need for Riccarton road to be fixed before Colombo St. Also, Riccarton Road was suggested as the place for Christchurch’s first bus lanes in 1997, but opposition from shops stopped it going any further.

However, I do realise that there is a pretty rational fear of buslanes on this stretch of road for the small shopkeepers. There’s obviously no room for roadside parking and buslanes, Riccarton road was laid out in the 1850s, and is now very narrow for a major road. It is constantly congested during the day, and the parking spaces are always at capacity – but the loss of them will still anchor Riccarton Mall as the only realistic place to find a park, which probably will draw customers away from the roadside shops and into the mall. However, fixing Riccarton road means fixing the main western road, and I think that it would improve the ambience as a pedestrian to have cars further away from the side of the road, and indeed fewer cars.

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