Electric cars in Chch by 2012

Posted on February 13, 2010 by


From The Press:

Electric cars may be on Christchurch streets by 2012, with plans that the city be the first in New Zealand to create a charge-point network. The Christchurch City Council and the Renault-Nissan Alliance have joined forces to introduce zero-emission vehicles to the city, with plans to launch the electric Leaf car in 2012… Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said he wanted the city to be the first in New Zealand with an integrated network for electric cars.

Personally, I think electric cars are very cool, but not the best investment (I think electric trams are cooler). Electric cars dominated the automobile world back in the first days of motoring, but electirc technology couldn’t keep up with oil. However, seeing as countless billions has been poured in the road network, it would be nice to think that that investment might survive a little longer than usuable oil does.

At the same time, electric cars perpetuate the current problems with transport – near total focus on roading and motoring from central government, restricted local government alternatives. Electric cars will not make our cities better formed or easier to get around.

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