521 Hornby-Templeton bus ends

Posted on January 26, 2010 by


Metro has decided to end the 521 Templeton Shuttle service, which the Press calls ‘prison buses’, due to the terminus of the route. The 521 was reviewed along with other south-western routes back in July ’09, and found to be uneconomical. ECan says a smaller service is being considered, but that Templeton riders don’t want the buses to go to the prisons, so a simplified Hornby to Templeton route might survive.

However, the 521 only goes once an hour, which makes it inconvenient to everyone, and the potential ridership is low to begin with, so a Hornby to Templeton route without the prisons means there’s virtually no reason a non-Templeton resident would use the bus, and with hour-long spacings, not much reason a Templeton resident would use it either.

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