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Guest Post: Future of Christchurch Transport

February 15, 2012


This is a guest post from JJ Barnes ——- In general, Christchurch is an easy city to get around. I believe that this is the number one reason we have such low public transport and cycling numbers (less than 4% and 3% respectively in 2009/2010). In my experience, there are two main reasons public transport […]

Off the Buses: ECan’s response

May 27, 2011


Two days ago, bus patronage numbers came out for the post-quake months. Today, ECan commissioner Rex Williams outlined the situation from Metro’s perspective. Obviously, Metro’s resources have been pretty beaten up by the earthquake – the loss of the Exchange (plus all the passengers for the CBD), limited/no access to offices, broken roads, heavy congestion, […]

Share An Idea Expo (live blog)

May 14, 2011


LIVE BLOG: Because this is a major event, I assume most Chchers will visit, and there’ll be a fair bit of other coverage; I’m just going to blog about the Move section. I’m also blogging from the expo, as I wander through it. The first thing I noticed around the place was the quantity of […]

Sutton for CERA – good news for transport?

May 12, 2011


So the new head of CERA is Roger Sutton, CEO of power network Orion. He’s also pretty well known as a cyclist, forgoing a company car for his bike. There’s one story about him that I’ve heard a couple of times already: about the time Sutton reacted angrily when a car cut him off while […]

“Vision for Christchurch” meeting

April 20, 2011


The Greens, the only party to oppose CERA, hosted the first in a series of public meetings last night to present an alternative vision for Christchurch’s earthquake recovery – with the first focussing on the CBD. There was an impressive turnout, around 200 people, and amongst the crowd I spotted CCC councillors Chrissie Williams (chair […]

Online Metrocard topups here

April 18, 2011


Well, it was originally scheduled for July 2010, but Metro has finally announced via facebook that online topups will be available from Monday 18th. Better late than never, it will also give a list of previous transactions. I’m particularly pleased about this, I never use cash any more, and it will be great to have […]

Cyclelanes removed by Civil Defence

April 14, 2011


Via The Press, Civil Defence has been removing cyclelanes in order to “improve” traffic congestion. Immediately after the earthquake, I noticed that most people were travelling down my street in Riccarton by bike or on foot. By the end of that week, traffic congestion became massive however. There’s no argument here that congestion has been […]

Free buses comes to an end

March 27, 2011


Today is the last day for free buses. I’ve been using the 81 Lincoln everyday for the past two weeks, and have certainly been enjoying the savings, as well as the loading times! In addition, records of boardings have still been being kept, though one driver said there would be a delay until Metro got […]

I knew it…

March 13, 2011


Since the earthquake, I’ve been noticing everyone seems to be driving a lot faster and more erratically, swerving or jerky . Not an objective observation, just a feeling, and for a while I just put it down to all the extra traffic here in damage-free, shops-open Upper Riccarton. However, via Radio New Zealand: Meanwhile, police […]

More bus services restarting

March 8, 2011


via Facebook, Metro has announced the restart of more bus services, from Friday, 11 March. Things are getting closer to normality, though 20ish routes are still out of action. The terminus is still Hagley Ave near the Hospital, or Bealey Ave (northern services), and they run from 7am till 7pm only. They are: 3 Ferry […]

ECan to charge for Metrocards

February 10, 2011


ECan decided this morning to begin charging for new Metrocards from April 4th. Previously, a Metrocard was free, but replacement cards cost $10. ECan justifies the changes in a couple of ways: People would register a new card rather than replace and pay a fee Large numbers of Metrocards registered to uncontactable customers Users don’t […]

February Tram works

February 5, 2011


As was posted two weeks ago, tram work has continued, with three sections now underway. Once they’re complete, only the High-Poplar corner still needs to be done (looks like it’ll be a sharp corner!), and the southern Cathedral tracks linked up with the northern tracks (about 15 metres to go), and that’ll complete the first-stage […]

The new Zhongtong buses are no good

January 28, 2011


Rant mode (hasn’t been much news): I’m writing this from a new Designline bus. This morning, I took one of the recently-arrived Zhongtong buses, on CBS/GoBus’s newly-acquired 83 route. I’ve ridden on a few before, but I was struck by how much they seem to have deteriorated in just a few weeks. Firstly, the biggest […]

Horse tram in City Mall

December 23, 2010


The Tramway Historical Society and the Central City Business Association ran a horse tram down City Mall this week. This is the second time it’s been done, in December last year it was run to open the refurbished Mall. These were the first trams on the new extension (which is still incomplete), and while the […]

Last site purchased for new bus exchange

December 22, 2010


The final site for the new bus exchange has been bought, at a cost of $2.5 million. That puts land purchases now at around $30 million, out of a total project cost of $119 million. While it’s looks like the council paid more than perhaps they should have, it is important to secure the site […]

Bus safety greatly improves

December 21, 2010


Last month, the Police did a series of random checks on buses, eventually pulling more than 60 off the road due to faults and safety issues. The high numbers of emergency buses after the delays in new buses for all companies, and Red Bus’s withholding of its surplus vehicles certainly aided in making a much […]

Council’s attitude to own parking is backwards

December 20, 2010


The CCC has one of, if not the, greenest office building in NZ. It scored bonus points in the green rating for having limited parking, and through promoting public transport and cycling for its workers. The CCC’s Civic Building originally had 114 parking spaces in the resource consent. All that lasted a little bit more […]

Global commuting survey ranks Chch well

December 14, 2010


Despite what the Press thinks (Chch commuters feel the pain),  Christchurch has done pretty well in the IBM Commuter Pain Survey, ranking better than Auckland, Berlin,  Amsterdam,  Toronto, Paris, and many others. In fact, Christchurch sits right down the bottom of the international scale. Not bad considering we have quite a rudimentary public transport system […]

Want to contribute?

December 9, 2010


Summer is coming, and we’ll be spending less time on the blog over the next two-ish months. We would like to welcome anyone who may be interested to submit a guest post for Christchurch Transport Blog. Approx 200-500 words, and focusing on an important (primarily Christchurch) transport issue are the main criteria, although we are […]

CCC sets up new Transport Committee

December 8, 2010


The CCC has a new Transport Committee, chaired by Chrissie Williams, and with other councillors Tim Carter, Jimmy Chen, Barry Corbett, Aaron Keown and Sue Wells. Williams had put bus and cycling networks as a key part of her re-election campaign, and along with Chen is a member of 2021, which had the campaign policy […]


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