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Busways instead of light rail lines?

April 26, 2012


Huge speculation currently hangs over the future of the big ticket transport items in the draft Central City Plan. As the newly set up Christchurch Central Development Unit develops its blueprint for the central city, we are left to wonder the fate of things like the plan for a light rail network. The prognosis is admittedly […]

Is rail still on the table?

April 22, 2012


A discussion that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment is whether last weeks announcement on the Christchurch Central City Plan amounts to a dumping of the big transport projects, specifically the plans for light rail. The “100 day blueprint” for the central city, to be drawn up by the new Christchurch Central […]

Government response to rebuild plan

April 18, 2012


So today Gerry Brownlee announced the Government’s response to the draft Central City Plan. Overall, probably not as bad as it could have been, however, it did throw up a few things that didn’t surprise me in the least. Firstly, the plans for rail were called a “nice to have” and that, and other key […]

Final Central City Plan released tomorrow

April 17, 2012


Finally. It is what we have all been waiting for. Tomorrow, the government is set to reveal the final Central City Plan. Worryingly, the Mayor and Christchurch City Council, who wrote the orignal and final draft Plans, seem to have no idea what the new plan will be. Somehow, that does not surprise me in […]

Leadership needed to champion rebuild plan

April 16, 2012


Helen Lochhead, an expert on sustainable cities from Sydney University, has made a positive remark about the draft Central City Plan, saying that it has all the components you would expect in a sustainable city. A promising statement, and a positive endorsement of the direction this city has indicated that it wants to go. Lochhead, talking […]

Public consultation on one-way system changes

April 11, 2012


Some more news on the one-way system changes, taken from The Press website today: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is promising extensive public consultation before any move to change the city’s one-way system. A proposal in the draft central-city recovery plan to spend up to $91 million to revert Christchurch’s one-way streets to two-way traffic has […]

Google traffic

April 10, 2012


Something interesting to look at (which I noticed on the Auckland Transport Blog). Google have introduced traffic data for New Zealand cities, layered over the top of their maps. Below is a view of the greater Christchurch area, with the key explaining what means what. Seems to be flowing okay in the early afternoon. If […]

More suburban centre master plans

April 10, 2012


Last week the Christchurch City Council announced the approval for master plans to be developed for New Brighton and Edgeware. These plans, like those already underway for Lyttelton, “Linwood Village”, Selwyn Street, and Sydenham, will provide a kind of guide or framework which will help shape the rebuild and redevelopment of each centre. Special ‘case managers’ have […]

Government to take over?

April 5, 2012


Could the draft City Plan be under threat from central government? That is what is clearly implied if the accusations against Gerry Brownlee from Labour, and Christchurch East MP, Lianne Dalziel are to be believed. The accusation levelled on Brownlee by Dalziel is that the Government is considering taking control of the Central City rebuild. Despite the […]

PTOM, the LTP, and ECans “new network”

April 4, 2012


The other day Cabinet approved the new framework for urban bus and ferry services, otherwise known as the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM). The changes are a result of a review of the Public Transport Mangement Act 2008 (PTM), which was introduced by the Labour Government prior to the 2008 election. Many aspects of the PTM have been […]

More on one-way system changes

March 30, 2012


Just a bit more news on the one-way system story from the other day. It looks like the bylaw proposal could be considered by councillors as soon as May. Interestingly, the proposed bylaw would amend the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2008, which would enable the city council to specify, amend or revoke, by resolution rather than […]

Retail, offices, apartments for Cashel Mall

March 29, 2012


An article in the Press today outlines what is in store for the next year along Cashel Mall. Promisingly, two big developments are already on the cards, and the container mall that popped up on the bare sites is getting ready to move. Already, a four-storey development is planned at 112 Cashel St, which will also […]

Progress on western corridor

March 28, 2012


Another stage of the western corridor “motorway” development gets underway this week. This will be the section between Carmen and Marshes Rd along State Highway 1, and will result in a four lane median divided arterial road. Some of the features include: Widening Masham and Carmen Roads to become a 4-laned road with a raised median between […]

Changes to one-way system cause controversy

March 28, 2012


Well, they don’t hang about for long on that draft City Plan. A positive sign that, as the Christchurch City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency look to implement a plan to turn the one-way system in the CBD to two-way next year. Montreal, Durham, Madras and Barbadoes streets (running north-south), and Salisbury, Kilmore, Lichfield and […]

Impending population spike means transport solutions are needed

March 25, 2012


There was an interesting article in the Press this weekend about the logistical problems of dealing with the expected influx of workers required for the rebuild of Christchurch. Very quickly, Christchurch is going to have to start dealing with all those supposedly long-term issues that documents like the draft City Plan were developed to tackle, […]


March 23, 2012


When the share an idea concept was launched to help set a direction for the central city plan, there were a number of people who responded with a “build a monorail” plea. So much so that it even got some mileage in the media, although that is probably largely down to misunderstandings around the term, […]

New Metro website being developed

March 21, 2012


Perhaps Metro have been reading this blog? That would be nice, but nevertheless my complaints about the sub-standard Metro website seem to have been answered as Metro are now asking for public feedback on developing a new website. This involves taking part in a brief interactive questionnaire. Help us develop a new Metro website Metro are […]

Taxing employer-provided car parks

March 20, 2012


A recent NZTA report suggests that employers who provide free car parking for staff could be taxed. NZTA says that the availability of free car parking for employees undermines attempts to reduce congestion and increase the rate of use of public transport  in our three biggest cities (Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch). ”The availability of ‘free’ employer-provided parking […]

Christchurch Southern Motorway

March 20, 2012


I had a bit of a poke around some of the works going on in relation to the Christchurch Southern Motorway this weekend, although I wasn’t able to get around all the sites I would have liked to. Driving along the motorway, the formation where the two additional lanes that will eventually carry southbound traffic, […]

The Christchurch Tram as public transport

March 19, 2012


The draft City Plan proposes investigating options for making the tram part of the public transport network. I think that is a fantastic idea, and have recently been wondering what would be required to achieve this. The tram, especially the more recently constructed and proposed extensions, has always had a much greater potential, and I […]


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